Behemoth Concept


  • Model created by Chris and imported.


  • Purchased 3D cloud models from Quantum Theory


  • Created using terrain editor in Unity


  • Added fog. Color of fog is chosen to match that of the clouds’ shadowed, darker region.
  • Lens flare created by adding a sphere gameobject attached with a Lens Flare component. Used the “Sun” lens flare material that comes with Unity. Interesting note: The fog greatly affects the intensity of the lens flare. Fog and lens flare must therefore go hand-in-hand.
  • Still trying to figure out how ambient light works.

Next steps

  • Play with other types of terrain (jungles, snowy mountains, beachside cliffs, etc.).
  • Test out sun shafts (aka God rays). Learn how to code the rays such that it follows a player’s movement. Need Unity pro
  • Learn how to create clouds using particles. We want the Behemoths to pass through the clouds seamlessly.
  • Work in Blender to create cliffs, boulders, and trees. Learn how to paint (texture) them in photoshop.
  • Learn how to apply toon shading.
  • Play with wind zones
  • Glow effect, Bloom effect
  • Music: use loud reverberating instruments commonly found in Hans Zimmer’s work

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