Dissonance Entertainment is an independent game studio in San Jose, CA, made up of brothers Christopher and Kenneth Ng.


Our mission is to create lasting gameplay experiences that challenge personal values.


The player is our highest priority

Games are an interactive medium with the power to make people laugh and cry. We work everyday with the player’s experience in mind and put every effort into delivering the highest quality of work that will achieve those outcomes.

Inspire creativity by being creative

Mainstream games are rarely innovative because they’re made by AAA companies targeting the masses. Indie games on the other hand are praised for challenging norms and creating lasting experiences.

For every project we work on, we never do the same thing twice and always look for new skills to gain. This not only boosts creativity within ourselves but also within others to design more progressive and more unique games.


The community has been highly supportive of our progress, and it brings us a lot of joy when we give back and inspire others to pursue their passions.

Most of our team members were previously active in the UC Davis community as a President or a key officer of the UC Davis Game Dev & Arts club. Our activities included hosting in-house game jams, mentoring young and upcoming developers on the disciplines of managing an indie business, giving tutorial sessions on game engines, and providing networking events for students from varying backgrounds (music, art, philosophy, law).



Publication Contributions

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Kenneth Ng: Product Manager, Co-Founder

Christopher Ng: Lead Developer, Co-Founder

Michael Lee: Developer, Unreal Engine Specialist

Conrad P. Fay: Artist, 3D Modeler, Animator

Jordan Henderson: Audio Designer