Author: Chris Ng


Modeling Practice in Blender

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Look what I made in Blender after only a couple online tutorials. Fun stuff. Blender’s veeeery different in comparison to the stuff I’m used to (Autodesk Inventor), a lot more about manipulating vertices, edges, and faces. Anyway, look forward to seeing some cool 3D models being posted on here. The original design for this golem is from this link:

I take no credit in its design.

White Rose

Prototyping Mechanics for White Rose

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Hey guys! Chris here. Here’s a little sneak peak at our prototype for our upcoming game. Can’t reveal too much here, but it’s mostly just testing various types of mechanics that will eventually go into our final product.

(PS. yes, those sprites are from the popular game Ragarok Online. I can’t draw… so I borrowed some animations from them. Credit goes to them for the art.)

Business & Marketing
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Hey guys! Chris here, co-founder of Dissonance Entertainment. I’d like to say a big “Hooray!” as this is the start of our new Indie game company. We’ve only just created the company, but have been 8 months into creating our first Indie game, something we hope you’ll love when it releases.

We hope it will be everything you dream of, and more as we work hard to put our blood, sweat, tears, and other bodily fluids into making this game.

Stick around, and we’ll keep you guys posted on how our progress goes as time goes on.