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DYSTOPOLIS is a run n’ gun shooter set in a minimalistic cyberpunk metropolis, where you have the ability to redirect bullets using an ability called the “Gravity Well.” The game is available on for free here, so please try it out and let me know what you think!

Coming up with the Idea

At the time of the game jam, my brother and I were obsessing over the latest co-op indie game we picked up, Broforce. We were a fan of the different ways you could play the game, whether by going rambo and lighting up the landscape with machine gun fire, or by using stealth to sneak behind the simple AI characters and hit them from beneath the ground. No matter how you decided to play, this game was a difficult arcade shooter, where a single mistake would¬†cost you your life. So while we were thinking of ideas for the game jam theme “rigging” we thought we could give making a shooter a try for this game jam, where you could instead “rig” your bullet trajectories through an in-game mechanic that we called the “Gravity Well.”


However, before we could get started on the game, my brother had to go on a vacation with my family, so I was left alone to work on the game solo. This gave me a great opportunity to practice some skills that my team usually handled such as the art design.


Mind the Trap
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We’re excited to announce that we’ve been accepted for the Indie Prize Showcase for our game Mind the Traps! woot! The 3-day event takes place as part of Casual Connect in SF, where attendees will have the opportunity to demo their game, sit in workshops, and network with industry professionals.

Credit for Beemo art goes to MeTaa

Mind the Trap

New Build Submitted for the IndieCade Festival | Fingers Crossed!

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The IndieCade Festival is an exciting opportunity for accepted developers to showcase their games, network with fellow developers and industry professionals, and meet with potential publishers. During these past couple weeks¬†we’ve been developing a new build for the application in response to all the live feedback we’ve received from the Indie Arcade Gaming Expo. Without further ado, check out some in-game footage!


Mind the Trap

2016 Sacramento Indie Arcade Gaming Expo

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This was the first time we’ve demo’ed at a community event for game developers and it was an awesome weekend. Hands up to¬†Gabriel Gutierrez,¬†Briana Aea¬†and the rest of IGDA Sacramento for such a great job¬†and for giving us this opportunity!

The event¬†was held¬†at the West Sacramento Community Center and featured four large rooms of video game developers, board game designers, cosplayers and shops.¬†Despite a rainy day, a lot of people came to play, which included elementary school kids, college students, parents and other developers. It’s also been a few months since the team has gotten together and even played the game with each other. The handsome devils from left to right:

Chris Ng, Conrad Fay, Kenneth Ng, Michael Lee
Conrad Fay, Kenneth Ng, Jordan Henderson, Chris Ng

It was exciting to see the creativity and variety of games from the Sacramento community alone. The players, which was an even mix of developers and casual gamers, were also really supportive and shared a lot of constructive criticism.