Tortured in DayZ

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I’m sure a lot of you have seen this video by now.

Imagine the Walking Dead as a mass multiplayer online game. That’s DayZ. You are placed into a zombie-infested world where you must learn to survive by finding food, forming alliances, and even hunting down other players. In fact, there’s not even that many zombies. It’s all one big psychological experiment.

Now go watch or play Journey by thatgamecompany. What do you think is similar about these two games?

That’s right. They both test a player’s morals and values in a virtual setting.

A study showed that when you place people into a virtual world, real-life rules do not apply. It is your job as an indie developer, especially in a mass multiplayer game, to define the news rules that they must abide to.

In the DayZ video above, the other player displayed true characteristics of a psychopath. The game allows this to happen by giving players the power to do things such as breaking legs, tying up their hands, and removing their clothes.

Now take Journey. Founder Jenova Chen said himself that based on initial prototype testing he would strip all game mechanics down to the most basic forms of collaboration. He introduced rules into the game such that people would only be able to “help” and talk amiably to each other.

In either case, these games were able to create the ultimate personalized experience by allowing players to convey their own values to other strangers and build a unique relationship (whether it be friendly or torturous).

Both these games are major inspirations to Dissonance for those reasons. Our portfolio of games will provide a personalized experience that challenge your individual values.


Our first team?!?!

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Chris goes to UC Davis and is a member of the game developers club. In a couple weeks members will have a chance to pitch a game idea and create a team to develop a working prototype by the end of the Fall quarter.

EXCITING! Chris and I are currently working on a presentation for our game Ruin. If we get a team that will be a blast, as any help would be greatly appreciated.

It’s also an exciting opportunity for me personally as I have always been passionate about personal development. I hope to share my experiences so far with opening an indie studio and teach them the business essentials for running a company.

I’ll keep you all posted on how it goes.


Behemoth Concept

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  • Model created by Chris and imported.


  • Purchased 3D cloud models from Quantum Theory


  • Created using terrain editor in Unity


  • Added fog. Color of fog is chosen to match that of the clouds’ shadowed, darker region.
  • Lens flare created by adding a sphere gameobject attached with a Lens Flare component. Used the “Sun” lens flare material that comes with Unity. Interesting note: The fog greatly affects the intensity of the lens flare. Fog and lens flare must therefore go hand-in-hand.
  • Still trying to figure out how ambient light works.

Next steps

  • Play with other types of terrain (jungles, snowy mountains, beachside cliffs, etc.).
  • Test out sun shafts (aka God rays). Learn how to code the rays such that it follows a player’s movement. Need Unity pro
  • Learn how to create clouds using particles. We want the Behemoths to pass through the clouds seamlessly.
  • Work in Blender to create cliffs, boulders, and trees. Learn how to paint (texture) them in photoshop.
  • Learn how to apply toon shading.
  • Play with wind zones
  • Glow effect, Bloom effect
  • Music: use loud reverberating instruments commonly found in Hans Zimmer’s work

Modeling Practice in Blender

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Look what I made in Blender after only a couple online tutorials. Fun stuff. Blender’s veeeery different in comparison to the stuff I’m used to (Autodesk Inventor), a lot more about manipulating vertices, edges, and faces. Anyway, look forward to seeing some cool 3D models being posted on here. The original design for this golem is from this link:

I take no credit in its design.

White Rose

Prototyping Mechanics for White Rose

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Hey guys! Chris here. Here’s a little sneak peak at our prototype for our upcoming game. Can’t reveal too much here, but it’s mostly just testing various types of mechanics that will eventually go into our final product.

(PS. yes, those sprites are from the popular game Ragarok Online. I can’t draw… so I borrowed some animations from them. Credit goes to them for the art.)