White Rose

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In a world created by sound, play as a boy with synesthesia as he fights the ever growing darkness with music and his fists, painting the world in color with every damaging blow. Choose between 3 tracks and destroy the monsters before the song ends, or else they will overwhelm you. Turn up the beats and enjoy the visual experience.

Check out the game on our Ludum Dare 34 submission page!



  • Graphics: 4.20 (Score), #129 (Rank)
  • Mood: 3.50 (Score), #286 (Rank)
  • Innovation: 2.97 (Score), #631 (Rank)
  • Overall: 3.16 (Score), #668 (Rank)
  • Fun: 2.92 (Score), #701 (Rank)
  • Theme: 2.42 (Score), #1058 (Rank)


Play the game directly on our Itch.io page!


  • Keyboard: Arrow keys to move/select, Z to attack/confirm
  • Controller: Left joystick to move/select, A to attack/confirm


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