Wispy Willows



Little children often wander into the Forest, not knowing what danger lies ahead. The Forest draws them in with some powerful force and consumes those that are forever lost. The children are innocent, scared and above all hopeless, but with a little “help” they can find their way out.

You play as a guardian who has the magical ability to briefly grow plant life in the desolate, lifeless Forest. The plants only live for a few seconds in the small patches of sunlight that shine through the clouds before immediately decaying thereafter. With this limited power, you must guide the wandering children towards the Wispy Willows as best as you can before the Forest consumes them forever.

Wispy Willows is a 4th-person isometric puzzle game in which you have the power to grow vibrant plant life with the swipe of a finger to elevate characters and objects towards particular goals. In this game, you don’t play as the protagonist but as a guardian of sorts, guiding children with AI through fun and challenging puzzles in a beautiful, low-poly landscape.

Here’s some of the work in motion:


This project was canceled.

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