Puppy Space Rescue


Blast off on an epic journey to save your puppy 🐶 friends lost in space. Drag on the screen to dodge speeding asteroids ☄️, huge planets 🌔, and nefarious kitty aliens 😾. Test your reflexes, earn high scores, and unlock new characters! How many puppy friends can you save? Don’t miss a single one or the



Pulsar challenges you to race against time on a procedurally generated track. Catch up to the ball to win the game! This game was made for the one-day UC Davis Fall 2016 Game Jam at the UC Davis Game Dev & Arts Club. Awards Innovation

White Rose

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In a world created by sound, play as a boy with synesthesia as he fights the ever growing darkness with music and his fists, painting the world in color with every damaging blow. Turn up the beats, keep the darkness from growing, and enjoy the visual experience.