Puppy Space Rescue


Blast off on an epic journey to save your puppy 🐶 friends lost in space. Drag on the screen to dodge speeding asteroids ☄️, huge planets 🌔, and nefarious kitty aliens 😾. Test your reflexes, earn high scores, and unlock new characters! How many puppy friends can you save? Don’t miss a single one or the



Pulsar challenges you to race against time on a procedurally generated track. Catch up to the ball to win the game! This game was made for the one-day UC Davis Fall 2016 Game Jam at the UC Davis Game Dev & Arts Club. Awards Innovation

Wispy Willows


Wispy Willows is a 4th-person isometric puzzle game in which you have the power to grow vibrant plant life with the swipe of a finger to elevate characters and objects towards particular goals. In this game, you don’t play as the protagonist but as a guardian of sorts, guiding children with AI through fun and challenging puzzles in a beautiful, low-poly landscape.