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2016 Sacramento Indie Arcade Gaming Expo

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This was the first time we’ve demo’ed at a community event for game developers and it was an awesome weekend. Hands up to Gabriel GutierrezBriana Aea and the rest of IGDA Sacramento for such a great job and for giving us this opportunity!

The event was held at the West Sacramento Community Center and featured four large rooms of video game developers, board game designers, cosplayers and shops. Despite a rainy day, a lot of people came to play, which included elementary school kids, college students, parents and other developers. It’s also been a few months since the team has gotten together and even played the game with each other. The handsome devils from left to right:

Chris Ng, Conrad Fay, Kenneth Ng, Michael Lee
Conrad Fay, Kenneth Ng, Jordan Henderson, Chris Ng

It was exciting to see the creativity and variety of games from the Sacramento community alone. The players, which was an even mix of developers and casual gamers, were also really supportive and shared a lot of constructive criticism.