Wispy Willows

Fishes, Water and Rain

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These are kept simple because they’re so small. The models were made in Blender and have no animation. The movement is done in Unity by script using “Random.insideUnitSphere”. Each fish uses this function to swim around random points in a sphere of a pre-determined size.

I may add waggling tails at some point… You can’t have fishies without waggling tails…


This is done via a really neat tutorial that teaches you how to take advantage of 2 particle systems working together—one to create the rain itself, and one to simulate the “splashes.” I highly recommend it for a nice raining-and-splashing effect.


This is actually the same gradient color shader that is used on all objects in the game scene. The only difference is that this one allows for transparency. The “waves” or “white caps” were drawn in GIMP on a png texture, which was then added to this transparent, gradient color shader.

We would love to hear your thoughts!

Here’s a bonus screenshot in case anybody wants to use it as phone wallpaper:

Wispy Willows

Testing Color Combinations on a Low Poly Setting

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Testing Different Color CombinationsSince this game focuses a lot on aesthetics, we used https://coolors.co/ to come up with some nice color combinations that would give the eerie yet mystical vibe we’re trying to go for. All the models were made in Blender, while the shading and particle effects were done in Unity. Every single object, including the background, uses a gradient shader with directional coloring.

We love to hear your feedback. Any criticism would be greatly appreciated!

Don't Breathe

Chris and Friends Win the Judge’s Choice for Their Horror Puzzler, Don’t Breathe!

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Congratulations to Chris and his fellow teammates for knocking it out of the park at UC Davis’ month-long May Game Jam! The game jam was hosted by Modlab and sponsored by Unity.

Their game, temporarily called Don’t Breathe, is a psychological horror puzzler and is receiving some final touches before launching sometime later this year. We’ll show off screenshots and gif’s soon to show off some gameplay.


Unreal Engine 4 is free. What.

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Yes, you know what that means: we’re movin’ over!

I know it sounds a little crazy but we’re fortunate that we’re so early in development that we can afford to discard some of our work. UE4 has capabilities we need that Unity doesn’t have, so this will be a worthwhile move in the long run.